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Your Community Family Resource Centre

Drop in Play is Every day!

Parent Link Centres across the province, including Wainwright and District Parent Link Centre, provide free parenting and play programs to meet the needs of the families and communities in their service areas. Parents and caregivers can participate in a wide variety of activities and information sessions.

The staff at Wainwright and District Parent Link Centre welcome you to come down and enjoy the following and more!

  • A Warm, Friendly Atmosphere
  • Indoor Playground
  • Parent Link on Wheels (PLOW) in Irma, Chauvin & Edgerton
  • Early Learning & Care Programs
  • Parent Education
  • Information & Referral
  • Family Support
  • Developmental Screening
  • Positive Parenting Programs
  • Talk Boxes
  • Drop-in-Play

*Most Parent Education Programs have childcare available but it's always a good idea to check beforehand to make sure.


Wainwright and District Parent Link Centre  Wainwright and District Parent Link Centre

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What's Happening at the Wainwright and District PLC?

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Positive Parenting Program

Success with Triple P Positive Parenting!

I signed up to take the Triple P parenting seminar as soon as my boys were enrolled in preschool and I could commit to attending the workshop each week.

With four-year old twins, my main struggle was finding fair and consistent discipline strategies that work for both my little people and their unique personalities. Signing up for Triple P ended up being a huge gift to me, my children, and our family.

The Triple P workshops helped me to build on what was already going on right in our home, and to identify the areas that could be strengthened. The weekly discussions and exercises took me out of that feeling of being overwhelmed by difficult situations, taught me how to focus on the underlying problems and to brainstorm strategies to deal with those challenges one step at a time.

When I signed up for Triple P, my kids were adjusting to a new daily routine and the expectations that come with being in a classroom full of other kids. Triple P helped us all navigate that season of their life, and everything I learned in those few weeks has carried on and will stay with me. I love knowing that I have a solid foundation to draw from to navigate any new challenge we face. - Celine V.