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Parent Link 5 Core Services

Parent Education

Parent education programs help “to build parents’ skills and confidence in providing a nurturing environment for their children.”* They address the needs of all types of parents, regardless of family structure, composition or socio-economic background. For example, a comprehensive parent education program would address the parenting concerns of fathers as well as mothers, first-time parents as well as grandparents, caregivers and foster parents as well as birth parents, and so forth.

Parent Link offers a wide variety of formal and informal workshops and seminars on issues related to parenting and early childhood development. Parent education opportunities are available as registered seminars, one on one consultations, and drop in programs for parents and caregivers.

Early Childhood Development and Care

“Parent–child relationships are enhanced when families have positive experiences working or playing together.” Providing children with a range of interactive, play-based problem-solving experiences can help develop their readiness to learn and ensure they start school “equipped for success.” Parent Child interactive Play group programs in which children can explore art, physical recreation and other activities

Family Support

Family support services are intended to be preventive measures designed “to help parents identify and develop their strengths…and be active, involved, concerned directors of their families’ lives and their children’s development. Formal as well as unstructured opportunities for parents to meet other parents and share their experiences, build new friendships and create informal networks of support

Information and Referrals

Parent Link centres provide an information portal that connects parents with programs, tools and resources that can help them raise strong, healthy, well-adjusted children. Connecting families to other programs and services is an integral piece to supporting parents in their job raising their children.

Developmental Screening

Parent Link Centre’s offer, the Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ) which is a developmental screening tool that looks at the areas of communication, fine motor, gross motor, personal social and problem solving. Age Range is 2 to 60 months.

PLC’s offer the Ages and Stages Questionnaire Social Emotional (ASQ SE) as well. The ASQ SE compliments the ASQ by providing information specifically addressing the social and emotional behavior of children ranging in age from 3 to 66 months. The first 5 years of life are very important because this time sets the stage for success in school and later adulthood. This is optimal time for your child to learn through play and experiences. It is important to ensure that each child’s development is proceeding without problems during this period.

* Family Support America, Guidelines for Family Support Practice, 2nd edition

*Most Parent Education Programs have childcare available but it's always a good idea to check beforehand to make sure.

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